Introducing Bedrock

Bedrock is a non-custodial solution designed in partnership with RockX, a longstanding blockchain infrastructure company with strong roots in crypto staking. Designed to natively restake and harness additional EigenLayer rewards, Bedrock brings together institutional-grade security and additional yield to liquid staking ETH.

What Does Bedrock Offer?

Bedrock offers a suite of products that include Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRT) for ETH & IOTX.
Bedrock utilizes its universal (uni) standard to unlock liquidity and maximum value in PoS tokens, such as ETH & IOTX, with existing liquid staking tokens called uniETH & uniIOTX.
Bedrock’s universal token model represents:
  • The staked PoS tokens in Bedrock
  • All future staking rewards from staking on-chain
  • EigenLayer & Bedrock Points
  • uniToken is non-rebasing
Non-rebasing token model, means that it does not grow in quantity over time but grows in value instead. This means that 1 uniETH/uniIOTX becomes worth increasingly more than 1 ETH/IOTX over time, in addition to points accrued from EigenLayer and Bedrock


Bedrock is committed to enhancing its products and services to guarantee the utmost quality in functionality and security. All the security measures are published in security section starts from Audit reports of smart contracts
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