🪙Staking / unstaking IOTX

To stake your IOTX for uniIOTX, click 'Connect Wallet' at the top of the page to link your MetaMask to the DAPP. Once connected, the mint/withdraw function for uniIOTX will be available.

To be able to view your uniIOTX on your Metamask wallet, click 'Add to MetaMask' to import the uniIOTX token to MetaMask.

Unstaking uniIOTX must be done in units of 1 million IOTX and will require 94 days to process and unlock your staked IOTX. After the token is unlocked, you will be able to claim it by transferring it to your wallet. It is important to note that rewards will also be accumulated during the unstaking period. You will be able to claim the rewards accumulated during this unstaking period anytime as you wish.

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