Restaking Rewards

Rewards consists of five parts:
  • Ethereum native staking yield accrued in uniETH
This is the standard Ethereum native staking yield, for more details, please refer to uniETH section
  • Eigenlayer restaked points and any future airdrops
​Eigenlayer restaked points are the immediate rewards after the Restaking upgrade, and all the eigenlayer points will be distributed to uniETH holders on daily basis
  • Potential rewards from restaking to AVS
The Eigenlayer AVS is still under development, please refer to EigenDA, developed by EigenLabs, EigenDA will be the first actively validated service (AVS) to launch on EigenLayer.
  • Bedrock points and any future airdrops
To incentive Bedrock's uniETH holders, Bedrock built a points system to track and calculate all the potential rewards into this system. We aim to create a fair and transparent system to award our loyalty users.
Detailed rules are here
  • Referral program (coming soon)