Bedrock Diamonds

The Bedrock Diamonds system is designed to incentivise loyal users and reward them with Diamonds. Please note that this is subject to change periodically.


Bedrock Diamonds are distributed to recognize and reward users who actively contribute to the protocol's success. Commencing with the Bedrock Beta mainnet upgrade on 28 January 2024, every participant within the Bedrock ecosystem will be granted Diamonds, with the quantity contingent on the duration and nature of their engagement.

Bedrock Diamonds Rules

To celebrate the beta mainnet upgrade of Bedrock to a LRT protocol, Bedrock is excited to announce our grand campaign with boosted Bedrock Diamonds in its preliminary stage!
There are multiple approaches to earn Bedrock Diamonds; below is an explanation on Bedrock Diamond system.
Basically, Bedrock acknowledges and rewards each participant who mints and holds uniETH in their wallet, granting them 1 Bedrock Diamond per hour for each uniETH held (with added boosters for early adopters).
In addition, Bedrock will also award users who provided liquidity on its Curve liquidity pool with a 2x booster.

Diamond Campaign Season 1

Campaign Rules:
  1. 1.
    Campaign start date : 30 January 2024
  2. 2.
    There will be no limit on the Diamonds given out in this campaign
  3. 3.
    Diamonds are counted and updated on an hourly basis
  4. 4.
    For minting and holding uniETH, users qualify by minting and holding uniETH on their non-custodial wallet
  5. 5.
    For providing liquidity, users can provide liquidity on this Curve pool. Diamonds will be updated on a weekly basis.
During this campaign period, all the participant who minted the first 50,000 ETH will received boosted Diamonds as detailed in the list below.
Rewards (per hour)
Mint & hold uniETH
0 - 30,000 ETH
3 x
3 x 1 diamond = 3 diamonds
30,000 - 50,000 ETH
2 x 1 diamond = 2 diamonds
> 50,000 ETH
1 x 1 diamond = 1 diamonds
Provide liquidity with uniETH
2 x
2 x 1 diamond= 2 diamonds

Example of diamonds accrual:

Example 1: If a user deposits 1 ETH into Bedrock, they receive 1 diamond per hour (plus any boosts for being an early entrant).
Example 2: If a user deposits 0.5 uniETH + 0.5 ETH in the Curve pool, he/she receives 2 diamonds per hour. These accumulated diamonds will be added to user balance pro rata and retroactively. Diamonds on LP positions will be paid out in the coming weeks.