The basic info of uniETH token

What is uniETH?

uniETH represents the staked ETH plus all future staking rewards. uniETH does not grow in quantity over time but instead, grows in value, i.e. 1 uniET H becomes worth increasingly more than 1 ETH. If you deposit 1 ETH initially, then your 1 uniETH = 1 ETH, however after receiving some rewards and the total claim you have is 1 ETH + 0.2 ETH rewards, then your 1 uniET H = 1.2 ETH

How are staking rewards are distributed

Earning ETH staking rewards is just one of the benefits for holding uniETH; there are certainly additional rewards for every uniETH holder. For more information, please refer to the restaking rewards section.

As all the ETH deposited through this protocol is pooled together to provide the 32 ETH for each node, the node will receive the rewards and automatically distribute it across all staking participants based on how much ETH they staked of the 32 ETH total, i.e. if you staked 3.2 ETH you will receive 10% of each reward. Each time rewards are distributed (every block), they will be added to the initial stake amount, eventually compounding future earnings as more nodes are added, while immediately increasing the value of the uniETH tokens representing each stake

What's the staking period for uniETH

You will instantly receive uniETH when you deposit ETH and you will still gain staking rewards over time as your uniETH will increase in value as your rewards are added to your initial stake. uniETH can also be sold and traded on various DEXs and CEXs if there is liquidity available for the trade.

What's the minimum deposit

Bedrock gives everyone the opportunity to earn rewards on any amount of ETH, as we do not have a minimum. We do recommend a deposit of at least 0.01 ETH to make your transaction worthwhile. When you stake ETH, you will receive uniETH, which gains rewards over time based on the performance of our nodes on the Beacon Chain.

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