🛡️Battle Tested Protocol

Bedrock, a battle-tested system, established atop various smart contracts and operational for over a year, denotes a resilient and proven platform in the liquid staking space. This signifies that the system has withstood the challenges of time, demonstrating stability, security, and reliability in its execution.

The extended period of operation, with more than 10k ETH staked and unstaking smoothly, surpassing one year, serves as a testament to the durability of the system. It implies that the smart contracts governing the platform have successfully processed transactions, executed functionalities, and maintained their integrity over an extended timeframe.

Such a system likely boasts a track record of handling diverse scenarios, including market fluctuations, high transaction volumes, and potential security threats. The fact that it has been operational for an extended duration suggests that it has adapted to evolving conditions, addressed vulnerabilities, and garnered user trust.

Furthermore, please find Bedrock on Ethereum Foundation official website - pooled staking