🤝Referral Program

The Bedrock referral program is designed to incentivise users who refer Bedrock with Diamonds as rewards. Please note that this is subject to change periodically.

For users who are invited to join our exclusive referral program at Bedrock, you'll earn continuous rewards, with a tiered structure that grows as you do. Welcome to a partnership that values your impact and rewards your success.

Reward Structure:

Accumulate Diamonds that transform into Bedrock Tokens at our Token Generation Event (TGE). These Diamonds are minimally diluted, offering you the potential to acquire a substantial quantity of tokens. Engage with our program, and seize the opportunity to significantly enhance your digital asset portfolio with Bedrock.

< 100 ETH - 30% Diamonds continuously in TVL referred

>101 ETH - 40% Diamonds continuously in TVL referred

>500 ETH - 50% Diamonds continuously in TVL referred

Note that Referred users get an additional 30% diamonds forever. This bonus is cumulative and stacks with other boosters.

For instance, a user with a Pendle Pool 5x Booster would enjoy this on top of a substantial 30% increase.

Bonus: Refer KOL’s to join the program and receive 50% of whatever they earn in Diamonds!