🔏Non-Custodial Restaking

  1. Eigenpod (withdrawal credential) is controlled by a smart contract

To ensure the best security standard, Bedrock deployed a new smart contract (The EigenPod Manager) to manage the EigenPod. This will ultimately eliminate the concern of centralisation or any other potential risks exposed to uniETH holders.

  1. Upgradability to be compatible with Eigenlayer

As we all know, the staking space is evolving rapidly. To seamlessly integrate with the leading restaking protocol, Eigenlayer, we must ensure flexibility to accommodate potential changes while prioritizing security. This approach serves the best interests of uniETH holders. For instance, when a new AVS service provider/operator joins, Bedrock can optimize its restaking strategies for improved yield without requiring the involvement of uniETH holders.

In the case of EigenLayer, the EigenPod manager serves as a router, capable of routing the withdrawal address as needed, all without any action required from uniETH holders.

To guarantee full transparency and clear communication, Bedrock will announce a transition period before upgrading uniETH to an LRT. This provides every uniETH holder with a window of time to withdraw their ETH before the upgrade.

Any change in the smart contract will be well tested and audited the same as a new contract