💸Arbitrum Grant Airdrop

$uniETH has officially launched on Arbitrum, and with our LTIPP Grant activated, we're super stoked to get started integrating with various DeFi protocols on Arbitrum too! Bedrock is excited to share that we've passed the LTIPP proposal and are receiving grant support from@arbitrum which will go 100% to the community!

Bedrock will start a 3 months long campaign and airdrop all 262K $ARB tokens to eligible uniETH holders! Simply hold uniETH on Arbitrum to earn $ARB, $EIGEN and Bedrock Diamonds (up to 4x Diamonds Boost)!

ARB Distribution Rules

Total pool size

262K $ARB

Campaign period

The campaign will start on 10 June 2024


  • Must hold uniETH tokens on Arbitrum

    • You can obtain $uniETH via:

      • Bridging from other chains

      • Traded via DEXes

        • Camelot (Coming Soon)

        • Poolside (Coming Soon)

      • Sending from other wallets

    • If uniETH tokens are transferred out of the address, it will stop earning ARB from the last block

    • Claiming tokens will be done via the Hedgey platform. We will announce on X when claims open.

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