🪙Staking / unstaking ETH

To stake your ETH for uniETH, click 'Connect Wallet' at the top of the page to link your MetaMask to the dApp. Once connected, the mint/withdraw function for uniETH will be available.

You will receive uniETH when you deposit it and it will accrue staking rewards over time by growing in token value. uniETH can also be sold and traded on various DEXs and CEXs if there is liquidity available for the trade and can also be used to provide liquidity to earn additional yield.

Bedrock allows everyone the opportunity to earn rewards on any amount as we do not have a minimum amount required to use the Bedrock protocol. We do recommend a deposit of at least 0.01ETH to make your transaction worthwhile. When you stake ETH, you will receive uniETH, which accumulates rewards over time based on the performance of our validator nodes on Ethereum.

To be able to view your uniETH on your Metamask wallet, click 'Add to MetaMask' to import the uniETH token to MetaMask.

The time it takes to unstake uniETH is largely dependent on the Ethereum blockchain and EigenLayer protocol. There will be a waiting time for validators to access the ETH they wish to unstake, as there is only a single queue for both full and partial withdrawals on the blockchain. There is also an additional requirement from Eigenlayer that requires 7 days to processing the unstaking request.

For a step-by-step demonstration for staking and unstaking, refer to the steps below.

Staking ETH to mint uniETH

Step 1: Connect your Wallet

Step 2: Choose your Web 3 wallet of choice

Step 3: Click on "Stake" button

Step 4: Input the amount of ETH that you would like to stake then click "Stake My ETH"

Step 5: Choose "Stake" to proceed with the staking transaction

Step 6: Confirm the transaction on your Web3 wallet to finalize the staking process

Step 7: Receive the uniETH that you minted

Step 8: Add uniETH to your wallet for ease of identifying uniETH in your wallet

Unstaking uniETH to for ETH

The unstaking demonstration was done on the Holesky testnet for the sake of demonstration. The functionality on the ETH mainnet functions in the exact same way.

Step 1: Click the "Unstake" button

Step 2: Insert the amount of ETH (in multiples of 32) you would like to unstake then click the "Withdraw" button.

For amounts less than 32 ETH or not in multiples of 32 ETH, please use the "Swap" function that will redirect you to an aggregator to swap uniETH for ETH.

Step 3: Click "Approve uniETH" to approve your wallet's spending cap for uniETH

Step 4: Input uniETH spending cap on your Web3 wallet then proceed to next step

Step 5: Approve the spending cap transaction by signing the transaction on your wallet

Step 6: Confirm the amount of uniETH to unstake in return for ETH.

Step 7: Confirm unstaking transaction by signing the transaction on your wallet.

Step 8: Unstaking is processed successfully. Now, you would need to wait 2-10 days, depending on the queue on the ETH chain and 7 days for EigenLayer to process the unstaking.

Step 9: Return to the uniETH dApp when the unstaking period has been served and click "Claim" to retrieve the ETH that was staked.

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